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Wink Bingo Bingo Stats
No deposit bonus: ---
Deposit bonus: 200%
Bonus amount: £1000
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Wink Bingo is another bingo site that is constantly in the news with a new promotion. Since Wink Bingo went live in 2008, its growth has been an amazing and creative bingo site. The constant news of great promotions has propelled Wink into a status the few bingo sites enjoy. It is easy to see why Wink is considered the fastest growing bingo site on the Internet. The reasons are fairly obvious to see why Wink Bingo is doing so well with bingo players. Players are always interested in new promotions which you can read in our Wink Bingo review that have the potential to put money in their pocket. Wink understands this proposition very well and their promotions are ample proof that they put this knowledge to work when coming up with the promotions that they announce every few weeks or so. New games in the long run are more important than bonuses or a trial credit to try Wink. Players stay on a site due to the games that are offered more than any other reason. Wink seems to understand this bingo game reality.

Wink Bingo Review A feature of the Wink site is the friendly atmosphere that is present immediately to any new player. The Chat Managers are helpful to a fault Quick answers are one of the important aspect s that players look at when trying a site for the first time. When a new player registers online, the account is credited with £15 to try Wink Bingo and see if it fits a players needs. The games that are offered range from tiny jackpots to a once a month coverall game that has a gigantic jackpot of £5,000,000. The game is called MoonLight Madness and the winner may well go mad for a few minutes if they hit this jackpot. This jackpot has to be one of the biggest offered on a bingo game on the Net.

Players that fund an account after the trail deal are given a bonus of 200% on their initial deposit. Further deposits may be given a bonus as part of a reload bonus program or a 50% matching program. Bonus programs will only take a bingo site so far, but the games that are presented to the players becomes the reason that players stay and play in the long run. Without good games, the payers will quickly tire of a site.

Another factor on any good site is the proper care of the player and their questions. Most sites handle this via the customer support program. At Wink a vigorous customer support program does this.

Wink Bingo GamesThe funding of an account is done by credit card, Switch or Neteller to name a few methods. The same methods can be used to withdraw funds as long as they qualify to the withdrawal rules.

To say the least, Wink is one of the more aggressive sites that goes after the current bingo player. The weekly and monthly promotions have some of the biggest jackpots. Wink Bingo has many games in the wide range of games that are offered when comparing jackpots. Wink is dedicated to making their site the place for bingo players to congregate and play their beloved bingo. Other sites have to watch what Wink does in the way of promotions and many smaller sites have a real problem staying up to the competition that Wink brings to the table. What matters most to the players that they are after is the quality and number of games Wink Bingo has on its daily menu. Players are looking for a site that gives them games with the chance to win real sums of money at a cost per card that is relatively small.

£1000 daily free bingo
up to 2000% deposit bonus