King Jackpot Review

New players bonus

£10 / £20 for Bingo and Slots Bonus

King Jackpot Bingo Stats
No deposit bonus: £10 / £20 for Bingo and Slots Bonuss
Deposit bonus: 300%
Bonus amount: £300
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King Jackpot is a download only bingo site that has both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo for the enjoyment of the players that try the site. The registration of an account gives the player a £10 free no deposit bingo bonus to the new account. The intent of this deposit is to give the player some money to try the site for free.

The trial can encompass the many games that are offered in the bingo arena. Those games are a good sample of the games that are available for play every day or in the case of promotions every week or month. The card prices range from 10p to 50 p depending on the game and whether it is a 75-ball game or a 90-ball game. The initial deposit is matched to 300% or up to £300. New games are promoted every month and the site lists the games that will be coming up and when they will be played. This allows players to register early for games they wish to play. Early game selection prevents missing games that the player wanted to play for sure.

King Jackpot Review The King Jackpot Review says about bigger jackpot games are always a traffic getter and players would be wise to sign up early for these King Jackpot games. Every bingo player wants to be the winner of an oversized jackpot game. However the smaller jackpot games do not draw as many players and this increases the chances of winning one of these games.

Funding of an account for the first time is done using credit cards, Neteller, Click2Pay or Switch to name a few. Withdrawals are handled in the same way in most cases. Funding with further deposits may also receive bonuses like a reload bonus. Like most sites, King Jackpot knows that players with account balances are more likely to play than those with a zero balance.

The players with questions can get answers from customer support or chat room managers. This service is open 24/7 and the response time is lightening fast. This important service in King Jackpot is one that shows what the site thinks is important to players and if they will accommodate the players needs. In this case the service is okay for most players needs.

King Jackpot Games The free games winners are paid in points when they win a game. These points can then be used to buy cards or play in special games. Special games are always a promotion of some sort and sites use them to attract players to the site and keep existing players coming back to play. The prizes can be big or small on these promotions. Some players do not care the size of the jackpot, only that they won a game. Others only play for sizeable prizes, as they want to get the most for the money they spend on cards. Winning is an important part of gaming and the prizes are not always the final ingredient of why people play bingo in King Jackpot. Some only play for the social contact and a prize is a secondary attraction. Money is a factor for all, but not the most important in all cases.

Social contact in the Chat rooms is what made this version of bingo so popular and the reason why so many sites have chat rooms on their sites. People like to play with friends and are reluctant to change sites where they know a number of players.

All of these factors keep players attached to certain sites and players are happy to stay even if the games are not the top games online. King Jackpot may be that kind of site in the final analysis of its pluses and minuses.

£1000 daily free bingo
up to 2000% deposit bonus