Bingo Knights Review

Bingo Knights logoBingo Knights is another bingo site with a checkered review situation. Many of the reviews flat warn players off the site and suggest looking elsewhere to play. The problem is the reviews are not specific as to what the player found to be wrong with the site so this review will be only about what can be verified on the site and about any trial that is offered.

Bingo Knights ReviewBingo Knights has been online since 2004 and offers a great variety of substantial game prizes that are not seen on all sites. The trial with a small credit to allow a player to try the site is a good way to get a taste of the site with their money and without a monetary commitment on the player's part. The games that are played vary in prize money and card prices. The prizes are sizeable in some cases, like $10,000 for games that are scheduled every day for the players to try to win a big jackpot. The card prices range from 5 cents to 50 cents a card, which is a fair investment to win the prizes that are offered. The site runs both 75-ball and 90-ball games so a player has a choice of games to choose between.

There are also large progressive games and scheduled large prize games that are run with continuous playing times that mean that a player can go online and get in one almost within the hour or less.

Players that like to play on sites that give big bonuses are more than welcome here and the bonuses are large enough to attract most players. At 300% of the initial deposit this gives the player a big kick in their account and more playing funds. After a player becomes a registered player with a funded account, the future deposits may be given reload bonuses or the player can receive bonuses using the loyalty points that active players are given as a reward. There are also special games that are open to active players. These games also offer very nice prizes for a player to shoot for and win.

Bingo Knights GamesWhen a new player wants to fund a new account, the methods open to them are similar to what are used on other bingo sites. These methods include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Citadel or Western Union. The same methods can be used to withdraw funds as long as the withdrawal rules have been met. These rules include verifying who the player is with a valid ID. It is strongly suggested that a player read the withdrawal rules for any site they are considering playing on. Each site has its own rules and there are no common rules from site to site.

Customer support is done by email or phone at the present time.

Bingo Knights has a very generous loyalty program for active players. They are awarded loyalty points that can be used to play in special games; invitational games or used to buy cards in some games. The more a player plays at this online bingo site, the more loyalty points they will accumulate for future play.

When making a decision to play on this site or not, the player would be well advised to read current player reviews and play on the trial plan to see if they like the site and the games they offer. As with all gaming sites the good and the bad sites are many times in the eyes of the individual player. Each player has to read and look out for their own welfare when considering where to play and what amount they should fund an account with. Sites have their rules and the player must live with them or find another site to play.

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