Bingo Cafe Review

New players bonus

$20 free

Bingo Cafe Stats
No deposit bonus: 20$ free
Deposit bonus: 300%
Bonus amount: $300

Bingo Cafe logo Bingo Café has been noted to be a very good bingo site for a number of years. In 2005 the site was voted Best Bingo Site of the Year. It also was voted to have the best Chat Rooms in the online bingo world. These two awards tell the tale about Bingo Cafe and how many in the bingo world perceive it. With the competition between sites as strong as it is, winning the best of anything in the bingo universe is a real feather in any sites cap.

Bingo Cafe Review This site has a ever growing popularity with bingo players due to the many excellent games they set, the prizes they award for games and the fair card prices that they charge for their games. Their bingo games include both standard small jackpot games to rather large progressive jackpot games that award significant money to the winner. The wide range of prizes means there are games for all manner of bingo players. This range of games presents an advantage to Bingo Cafe when attracting players to try the site with the free $20 no deposit bingo credit with no deposit trial they offer to new players who are at least willing to register an account. For those players that later fund the account, the matching bonus will top out at 300% depending on the funding method.

The funding or withdrawal methods are varied and there should be one that will be available to most players. These methods include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller or wire transfers. One of these methods should fit just about any player wishing to open an account. The speed of deposit or withdrawal by any of these methods is as fast as electronic communication can do it. The point of this is players need not wait a long time to get their money or see it in their player account online.

Bingo Cafe GamesCustomer support is handled 24/7 by Live Chat, email or just by asking questions of other players in the Chat Rooms. Bingo Cafe is noted for its friendly atmosphere and the help that other players will give to a newcomer. The support system is always important to any gaming site and in fact sites can be rated on how they carry out this important consideration. Bingo Café passes easily on this element of the site.

Bingo Café has a well run loyalty program that awards active players with points for active play, deposits and playing in special games with added points for playing in the game. These loyalty points can then be used to buy into special games, buy cards for play and prizes that the site offers to its players.

The obvious list of reasons to give this site a try is well documented in the above statements. The player Bingo Cafe review on this site are very positive. Many of the Bingo Cafe review are downright enthusiastic about Bingo Cafe and suggest that the reader at least give the site a try with the free $20. The bonus program is not excessive, but good sites do not need to make an excessive bonus program to get players to try the site. In fact many of the big bonus sites have withdrawal rules that are so restrictive that the bonus can never be earned via the play through rules. Solid sites have play through rules that are fair to both parties or in some cases have no play through requirements at all. Read the rules on any site under consideration for play before getting involved with them.

Bingo Cafe is worth the trial play at least and maybe even a few weeks of play to see if the site meets your requirements.

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