The best bingo calls

If you're looking for a new way to play bingo from the comfort of your own home then Pop Bingo, found in the Betfair Casino lounge, is definitely the game for you.

The historic game of bingo dates back to sixteenth-century Italy before spreading across Europe in time to reach Britain's shores by the late 1700s.

Maybe it is the simplicity and tension of the game that makes it so exciting. The Brits have taken bingo up and transformed it into one of the most popular gaming pastimes of all time.

Since online gaming became popular this century thousands of bingo fans have swapped the hall for the computer screen, letting you play the game you love at a time that suits you and surrounded by home comforts.

You can see why the game is growing in popularity when playing in the Betfair Casino. Pop Bingo offers you the chance to play at low risk if you like or go for a big-money jackpot if that is what you prefer.

It's easy to get started - simply use the plus and minus arrow keys on the Pop Bingo screen to decide the size of your bet - and then choose a bingo card that suits you.

You may have your favourite bingo calls, such as 'David Beckham' (7) or 'Valentines Day' (14), and the beauty of Pop Bingo is that you can choose which card you like before hitting the Play button.

Once in play the fun begins and the amount of numbers you need for a Full House depends on the size of that initial bet. Because this is a game of chance you can leave the screen if you like and grab a cup of tea, come back and watch how your card is progressing.

Maybe you've nailed a 'Jimmy Choo' (32) that gives you a row or even a Full House as 'Danny La Rue' (52) pops up on screen.

There are hundreds of permutations on Betfair Pop Bingo and that is what makes it so exciting. You really don't know what might happen next, a thrill that has passed down the generations for over 500 years.

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