Bingo facts

image for articleBingo is a game that almost everyone has participated in at some point in their lifetime. Bingo is usually the first game that most people try to play when it comes to gambling and Bingo is favored by children and adults alike. Since it is a game that is found all over the world, including in sites like fairs, festivals and community halls, young people and senior citizens alike have found that bingo is a fun game. Bingo is played by children teenagers, middle aged and older folks. Read on to learn about bingo facts that are not as well known to the general population.

  • Bingo is the best known and most popular chance game of all, no matter what country you are living in.
  • Bingo has helped schools, churches, organizations and other venues for fundraising events.
  • Bingo players may also like to play on the casino slot machines from time to time.
  • Bing Crosby was often called Bingo when he was just a young child.
  • Bingo was called beano when it first became known in the United States. It got the name bingo when beano was called, and the word was misheard as "Bingo". Bingo stuck from then on.
  • Australia calls the game bingo "housie".
  • Bingo can be dated all the way back to 1530, played like an Italian lottery game that is still in existence today.
  • In Germany, a form of bingo was used a teaching tool for children so that they could learn their multiplication tables.
  • Bingo is believed to help the brain stay sharp and stimulated. This can help those suffering from decline of their mental ability.
  • For most people who play bingo on a regular basis, they have their own lucky numbers that they have to play, no matter how hard it is to find them on the cards.
  • image for article Bingo players who love the game are known for their many lucky talismans, lucky days of the week, and lucky clothes and colors.
  • Many regular players of the game bingo buy their own bingo daubers. Many also look for ones in their own favorite color, or that have lucky symbols on them, such as a four leaf clover.

Bingo is still a very popular choice for a game. Even with the many high-tech game choices available, many people still love to play bingo. Online bingo is also a popular option that is a growing trend, and goes to show that technology will actually help enhance bingo rather than diminish it's popularity.

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